EnviroPod® Filter

The EnviroPod Filter is the orignal catchpit insert that captures and retains litter, suspended solids, and other gross pollutants before the stormwater runoff runs into the stormwater system. 

Able to be installed in either a kerb inlet or drop-in catch basin, the EnviroPod is fitted with a re-usable, polyester filter bag, available with several mesh screen sizes and oil-absorbent media dependent on the pollution generated from each specific site.

In addition to being a stand-alone treatment device for small catchment areas, the EnviroPod Filter is effective as a pre-treatment device for use in a treatment train with hydrodynamic separators, filtration, ponds, and wetlands. In many cases, it is often the most practical solution for retrofits. 

Stormwater360 is a supplier of the Enviropod technologies in New Zealand and the Enviropod Filter is available in New Zealand only.




 For more information, please contact a stormwater consultant via 0800 STORMWATER or [email protected]

EnviroPod® Filter



  • Pre-treatment device, for the removal of suspended solids and litter from stormwater run-off
  • No construction, resulting in low costs i.e. lowest capital cost of any stormwater treatment device
  • Can help reduce maintenance on downstream stormwater infrastructure 
  • A range of filter sizes to target gross pollutants to fine sediment
  • Can be used to easily target heavily polluted areas
  • Optional, floating hydrocarbon removal insert (OilSorb)
  • No confined space entry
  • 90 per cent removal of particles over 100 micron