ChamberMaxx™ is a corrugated, open-bottom plastic arch system designed to economically collect and detain stormwater runoff. The chambers are injection-molded, using structurally-efficient and corrosion-resistant polypropylene resin. The lightweight design has been extensively tested and exceeds New Zealand heavy traffic loading standards, and the chambers are designed to be installed in high load areas where land is at a premium. With 2.15 m3 of available storage per chamber (including rock), ChamberMaxx™ is the most cost-efficient of its kind.

Installation is simple with ChamberMaxx™ as the chambers weigh less than 40kg each, and can be manhandled into position and they don’t require heavy lifting equipment. It is a modular system and can be designed to various configurations.

In retention/detention applications, the ChamberMaxx™ can be sealed with an impermeable membrane to create an underground waterproof tank structure and is ideal to maximise storage capacity in a shallow footprint. 



  • Maximum Volume in Small Footprint
    • Low profile shape (770mm rise) – Economical for shallow applications
    • Features integral end walls for superior structural integrity, reduced costs and fewer parts to handle during installation
  • Modular configuration means flexible layout options
  • Exceeds USA (AASHTO HS-25), Australian and New Zealand (AS 5100.2, AS/NZS 2566 and HN-HO 72) heavy loading standards
  • Easy Installation
    • Lightweight – Installed by hand without need for heavy equipment. each chamber weights approx 40kg and can be hand-lifted into place on site
    • Innovative sub-corrugations with lower weight / m3 of storage – Less polypropylene plastic required to manufacture resulting a more economical product