Singapore Water Week

28 July 2016

From the 10-14 July, Mike, Greg, and John attended Singapore International Water Week 2016  held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore. Over 20,000 delegates attended the biennial conference.


The conference covered the three waters; drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. Over the course of the conference, there was a clear focus on discussing governance and policy of water matters and how to encourage and support councils and utilities to be more innovative. Research work conducted on improving and refining many different types of treatment technologies were also well represented at the conference. Ceramic filters and membrane reactors featured regularly.


In addition to the expected presentations of new water treatment technologies and water quality, it was good to see an increasing number of presentations and interest in the development and implementation of resilient drainage systems and dealing with stormwater. The focus on drainage was largely driven by the increasing frequency of flooding observed in urban areas, and the cost of repairing flood damage and recovering from the event. It was clear that better drainage solutions are needed, and more extreme weather events should be expected and designed for.