LittaTrap: Global solutions to reduce pollution in waterways

18 November 2019


Mike Hannah talks to 'The Project' about the LittaTrap and our commitment to cleaner oceans. 



The filming took place on Waiheke Island where the Waiheke Local Board is currently undertaking a pilot study of 34 x LittaTraps.

 In the first 60 days of the study, the LittaTraps stopped nearly 4000 pieces of litter from entering the waterways around Waiheke. 

Of these, the majority were plastics (1,522) and cigarette butts (1,189).

 The LittaTrap is a simple & effective solution to STOP land-based pollutants reaching the marine environment. Simple to install and simple to maintain.

For more on the LittaTrap or the Waiheke Pilot Study , please contact