Stormwater360 Maintenance Demonstration

28 November 2019

Stormwater treatment devices are designed to remove sediment and other contaminants from stormwater runoff. Over time, accumulated contaminants can build-up, and the device is required to be maintained to ensure it continues to operate at optimal levels.

Regular and routine maintenance is essential to the operation of any stormwater treatment device and we invited team members from Auckland Council Healthy Waters, WSP , Pattle Delamore Partners and Candor3 to come along to the Stormwater360 New Zealand maintenance field excursion last week.

The field trip demonstrated the ease of maintaining Stormwater360 stormwater treatment devices, highlighting the key attributes of each device.

The team visited two sites and watched practical maintenance demonstrations of Filterra®, Jellyfish®, StormFilter, and LittaTrap™.

We had a great day, and look forward to hosting another trip in the new year.

Please get in touch if keen to come along. Contact: