Filterra® Bioscape at Station Bay, Lake Tekapo

Green Infrastructure

Station Bay, Lake Tekapo


Davis Ogilvie


Station Bay is a boutique residential subdivision just outside the Lake Tekapo township, developed by Covington Group.
Stringent water quality requirements were set by ECAN for this high-profile development.
The team at Davis Ogilvie, Timaru, were tasked with the stormwater management design for the 5.1-hectare first stage of the development.

Due to the proximity of the lake a green infrastructure solution was considered essential. Davis Ogilvie approached
Stormwater360 to explore treatment options, and whether a Filterra Bioscape would provide benefits over a conventional rain garden design. Stormwater360 worked together with all parties through design to installation to ensure the highest of quality standards throughout the whole process.


When comparing the Filterra Bioscape to a conventional raingarden, the footprint can be minimised due to the high infiltration rate of the engineered media used.

This media is made in New Zealand, undergoing over 25 quality assurance tests to ensure quality and performance. The Filterra media is approved for an infiltration rate of 2540mm/hr (can be designed up to 4445mm/hr), conventional raingardens typically have an infiltration rate of approx. 300mm/hr.


The designed Filterra Bioscape footprint of 165m2 is approximately 1/8th of the size of the conventional system required to treat the same catchment area (raingarden footprint approx. 1,280m2). Minimising the footprint allowed for an additional 3 lots to be developed, and decreases the time and costs for maintenance.

Using pre-treatment upstream of a filtration device in a treatment train approach is considered best practice.
A pre-treatment device will remove most of the coarser sediment and gross pollutants, ensuring the performance and maintenance frequencies of the filtration device is optimised. Two Cascade systems were used to provide upstream pretreatment for the Filterra Bioscape.

The Cascade/Filterra Bioscape treatment train should ensure this large development does not impact the pristine nature of Lake Tekapo.

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Lake Tekapo Filterra Bioscape
Lake Tekapo Filterra Bioscape v2
Lake Tekapo Filterra Bioscape v3
Lake Tekapo   Bioscape
Lake Tekapo Bioscape
Lake Tekapo Bioscape v2
Lake Tekapo Bioscape v3