Where Passion Meets Purpose

24 August 2020

The need for clean water has not and will not go away, despite the challenges and impact of Covid- 19; and at Stormwater360 we have an ongoing commitment to make a positive difference – to play our part in providing effective and sustainable solutions. 

Clearly Covid-19 will continue to change and challenge our economy, culture, society and environmental well-being for years to come. So, what is our response?

Where “Passion meets Purpose” remains our company ethos; and our approach is to refuse to duck uncertainty. Rather we are embracing and confronting it, in a nice way!

First and foremost, we have affirmed the fundamental importance of maintaining and further growing our capability to be an industry leader. Over the years, we have built a very strong team of stormwater, environmental and technical sales engineers; supported with leading international technology partners and our operational team and national service providers. We are here “for the long haul” and have not laid one person off or cut their hours during Covid. While we are not a charitable organisation and have to sustain our economic viability - we will dig deep to maintain our industry offering.

We continue to invest heavily in innovation to add to our extensive product portfolio, and we are proud to announce our latest offering – the “Cascade Separator” which achieves the highest treatment flowrate by footprint of any device in New Zealand .This is the latest in our 25-year innovation path, and one that we are confident will further make a positive dent in stormwater management solutions. More break throughs will shortly be announced as we continue to work with universities, Councils, developers, lead consultancies, and the like both in New Zealand and in our target overseas markets.

While Stormwater360 has a great deal to offer - whether it be project specific or offering our input to wider discussions on Stormwater Industry reform, regulatory requirements, national standards, etc -  we recognise that we are one player in the mix and that engagement remains key. Accordingly, we actively take steps to have a voice at the table and we welcome ‘fresh conversations’. It is more important than ever to be talking to the right people at the right time to better understand the “purpose’; respective needs and challenges; and to deliver solutions. We all have a role here and suggest that if we are to truly “unite against Covid” we need to come further together with transparency, sincerity and commitment to each other.

We look forward to continuing to be part of the solution!