Queenstown Field Trip

30 May 2018

Stormwater360 organised a field trip in Queenstown to give attendees a glimpse into what we do in the South Island.

It was raining all day which was great as the devices were seen in action.

The first stop was the Pak’n’Save carpark where a Vortechs™ is installed. This gross pollutant trap combines a swirl concentrator and flow controls to provide stable storage of captured pollutants.

The second stop was the Mitre10 Mega carpark where a Vortcapture™ is installed. This gross pollutant trap uses hydrodynamics to separate litter from stormwater. Attendees could look down into the manhole and see the stormwater swirling around, leaving litter on the floor of the Vortcapture™.

The ESK™ located on Glenda Drive was next and this device is used to remove oil from stormwater. Maintenance of this device was carried out earlier in the day and attendees could look down the manhole to see how this device works.

The last stop was the StormFilter™ at Pacific Tourways on Brookes Road. The StormFilter™ system uses rechargeable, self-cleaning, media-filled cartridges to absorb and retain the most challenging pollutants from stormwater runoff. With help from Wastech, one of our team members demonstrated a routine StormFilter™ maintenance. It was great to show attendees how this is carried out and the difference between a dirty and clean cartridge proves how well this system works.

Overall it was a great day demonstrating how Stormwater360s devices work to help reduce the effects of stormwater on the environment in Queenstown.