Mike Hannah discusses the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

15 March 2014

15 Mar 2014

Mike Hannah and Troy Brockbank of Stormwater360 were an active voice in the WaterNZ group formed to review and comment on the proposed changes in the Auckland Unitary Plan to managing stormwater in Auckland.

Mike Hannah shares his views.

“The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is a transition of how we manage changing stormwater needs in a city that is constantly moving and growing. Where once the disposal rate was the most important factor in stormwater management, the plan addresses the key aspect of how we treat the quality of water that will be discharged into the receiving environment.

In order to protect the ecology, we need to consider the quantity as well as the quality being discharged. The Unitary Plan promotes mimicing the natural water cycle in order to improve stormwater runoff quality, and contains provisions to reduce volumes and peak flows, with a greater focus on managing stormwater onsite before it enters the public system.

In order to address the issues of both quality and quantity controls we need to look at a site with a holistic view, and use a toolbox of site-based solutions, including the increased use of Green Infrastructure such as LiveRoof and the Urban Green BioFilter. 

The Unitary Plan is an opportunity to rewrite the legislation from the seven legacy councils, and we see this as a positive move to better stormwater management.”

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