Introducing Anton Carr – our Southern Regional Manager

12 October 2017

Anton has been with Stormwater360 for just over 2 years and manages all enquiries for the South Island, as well the Wellington region.

Anton is a long-term resident of the region and has an in-depth understanding of issues that affect the local area and understands the different regional stormwater challenges.

Originally from an agricultural background specialising in seed and pastural management in the dairy sector, Anton understands the need for better environmental solutions for land use and development. With this industry knowledge, Anton brings a wealth of experience to the team and he consistently delivers innovative stormwater management solutions to the region.

His strengths lie in his ability to facilitate all areas of a project, whether it's design, manufacture, or maintenance he will ensure all enquiries are met, and this is backed by the strong and efficient team out of Auckland.

Anton prides himself on building great relationships with his clients and he loves working with them to deliver solutions that meet local requirements.

If you have any stormwater questions– give him a call 0800 STORMWATER or contact him and he’d be happy to help.

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