Greening the concrete jungle with Grasscrete™

5 March 2018

Concrete is often the first material that comes to mind when considering options for driveways, car parks or footpaths, whether that be in commercial, industrial or residential areas. In many instances, this is because of the high load bearing capabilities and durability of concrete.

 However, concrete is impermeable and can create higher stormwater runoff, which is often polluted with chemicals particularly in areas of high vehicle use, which then runs into drains and eventually into our waterways.

 Permeable paving is a solution to this – and many other problems concrete creates – that is on the rise, Stormwater360’s Kevin Jonathan says. Their permeable paving system, Grasscrete, is a simple system that essentially allows for grass to grow in between steel reinforced concrete, which mimics natural processes.

 “Typical concrete systems increase the volume of stormwater runoff, which means this runoff ends up in our waterways rather than being absorbed back into the ground as would happen naturally if concrete wasn’t present,” Kevin says.

 “Concrete areas also increase the risks of flooding and erosion and overtopping of combined sewer systems, as well as acting as heat sinks and driving temperatures up unnaturally.”

 Whereas permeable paving works to mitigate these risks by allowing for substantial areas of grass growth within the concrete.

 Installing Grasscrete is an efficient process, which requires the laying of light plastic formers, followed by a steel reinforcing mesh. The concrete is then poured and the plastic over the void removed and filled with soil/media, leaving 150mm deep areas of exposed soil within the middle of the formwork where grass seed is laid.

 “Grasscrete is an environmental paving system designed for high load bearing, which means it can be used for car parks, driveways and other areas where cars and trucks are driving or other applications such as spillways and erosion control,” Kevin says.

 The beauty of this system is perhaps in its ability to effectively disappear from sight once the grass is established, leaving limited view of the concrete which gives way to an overall impression of large grassed areas.

 Suitable for most applications apart from high traffic areas such as roads and motorways, Grasscrete can be installed in a wide variety of projects.

 Once established, minimal maintenance is required, apart from the occasional fertilizing of the grass, and mowing. Once installed, the concrete requires no maintenance over time.


If you’re interested in more sustainable alternatives to traditional concrete, get in touch with Stormwater360 via or 0800 STORMWATER.


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