Filterra® gains Auckland Council Approval

28 November 2016

Implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design and Green Infrastructure in urban environments can be challenging as they often require a large footprint and can be difficult to construct and maintain. That doesn’t mean it is not possible; it just means the solution may need to take a more engineered form.

New Zealand’s specialist stormwater management company Stormwater360 has addressed this by introducing a unique, innovative solution – the Filterra® Bioretention System.

Recently gaining Auckland Council Approval for use on Private sites, the Filterra® is an engineered biofiltration device with components that make it similar to bioretention in pollutant removal and application, but has been optimised for high flow treatment in a prefabricated system.

Its small footprint allows Filterra® to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots, and streetscapes. The system is very adaptable and can be used alone or in combination with perforated pipes or chambers to optimise runoff reduction.

Filterra® has been certified for TSS, Dissolved Metals, and Oil and Grease removal from international agencies including the Washington Dept. of Ecology.  The product has been independently verified to achieve performance equivalent or better than conventional bioretention systems.

Stormwater360 Managing Director Mike Hannah says of their latest technology, “I see technologies like Filterra® as the next step in bioretention aka raingardens.  If you look at the wastewater industry, septic tanks are rarely designed anymore.  It is far easier to purchase a packaged on-site wastewater system which is proven to be a lot more effective, cheaper and easier to maintain.  I see on-site bioretention going the same way.”

The Filterra® system provides all the benefits of traditional biofiltration but with a reduced footprint and is well suited for the urban environment where space is at a premium.

For more information on Filterra® please feel free to contact a stormwater consultant via or 0800STORMWATER.