Main Road, Kumeu

Green Infrastructure

Main Road, Kumeu, Auckland


Cato Bolam Consultants


Hopper Construction


A new town centre is set to be developed along SH16, Kumeu in Auckland. It is comprised of 10ha of land and so far, there are plans for nine commercial lots, sixteen residential lots and nine reserve lots.

Twenty Filterra® BioFiltration Systems were installed at this development in July of 2017 by Hopper Construction. This is the first large scale Filterra® treatment of a township in New Zealand.

The Filterra® system is delivered to site sealed so construction runoff cannot enter the device. In September 2018 Stormwater360 removed the seals and commissioned the devices.

The featured photos are from the 6-monthly inspection in March 2019. Also included in the photos are some traditional raingardens that appear to be impacted from construction runoff.

These devices were installed along the kerbs of the new roads at this development to treat the different catchment areas. Stormwater360 worked with Cato Bolam Consultants to design and provide a solution that fits within the constraints of the site.

The Filterra® is a packaged innovative high flow bioretention system that comes complete with the following:

• Concrete container (sealed for construction)
• Engineered media
• Engineered mulch layer
• Internal Pipe work
• Commissioning & plants
• 1-year maintenance and plant warranty

The Filterra® system is approximately 10% of the size and has lower maintenance costs than a traditional raingarden. The Filterra® Bioretention System is approved by Auckland Council as a stormwater treatment device for private and public sites.

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