Luke St SandFilter Retrofit


Luke St, South of Otahuhu Creek, SH1


Auckland Motorways


Stormwater360 were involved with a recent project to retrofit an existing box culvert (two adjacent chambers) sandfilter at Luke St, south of Otahuhu Creek on SH1.

The Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) monitors, maintains and operates the highest concentration of stormwater management assets of any asset network in New Zealand
Within the network, an existing sandfilter located in Luke Street, Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, was identified as being unsafe and an inefficient stormwater treatment device.

Located on a busy stretch of SH1, the current system required frequent maintenance, was difficult to maintain, subject to dangerous gas build-up and required significant traffic management for maintenance activities. This resulted in the system not being able to be maintained on a regular basis and an increased overflow of untreated stormwater into the Tamaki Estuary.

The AMA approached Stormwater360 to discuss options to reconfigure the sand filter and improve the current environmental and h & s risks.

Stormwater360 proposed to retrofit the sandfilter with StormFilter cartridges. The design team was able to install 27 x 69cm ZPG StormFilter cartridges inside one of the existing sandfilter vaults, greatly reducing costs. The ZPG media used in the cartridges is a multi-purpose proprietary filter media approved by Auckland Council for highly trafficked sites or sites with high metal loadings. The area that needed to be treated was approx. 8000m2 of impervious motorway and the off-ramp.

The outcomes from retrofitting the existing sandfilter with a StormFilter, substantially improved the quality of water discharge, improved operation procedures, reduced health and safety risks, and there was a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

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