Eden Retirement Village

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View Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland


MSC (Drainage) / Babbage Consultants (LiveRoof)


AFM Drainage / Stormwater360


Specified by Babbage Consultants, Auckland, the 70 square metre ‘LiveRoof’ greenroof was installed outside retirement apartments and a residents lounge to cover the concrete roof structure above basement garages and to give residents a garden view.

The 150mm deep LiveRoof ‘Deep’ modules were planted with a selection of New Zealand native grasses and ground cover plants. LiveRoof modules were grown for a 3 month period at a nursery before being placed on the roof deck and the ‘soil elevators’ removed to allow the modules to grow together. The process of installing a greenroof system with established plant cover reduces the chances of plant dieback during the establishment period as well as preventing weed intrusion and ongoing maintenance requirements as the growing media is not exposed to windblown seeds.

An automated drip irrigation system was laid below the plant cover to allow irrigation to be used if required for and prolonged dry periods during summer.

Research on using greenroofs at medical and aged care facilities has shown positive results on healing and well being of residents.

2ea StormFilters have been installed to treat the impervious hardstand areas for Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Heavy Metals.

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