VortSentry HS™

The VortSentry HS™is a hydrodynamic separator with a small footprint that makes it an effective treatment option for projects where space is at a premium and effective removal of floating and sinking pollutants is critical.

The VortSentry HS™ system employs a helical flow pattern that enhances containment of pollutants and provides effective removal of settleable solids and floating contaminants from urban runoff. Its unique internal bypass design treats high flows and bypasses peak flows, eliminating washout.

The system is housed inside a lightweight concrete manhole structure for easy installation (often without the use of a crane) and unobstructed maintenance access. 

In addition to standalone applications, the VortSentry HS™ is an ideal pretreatment device.

VortSentry HS™


  • Helical flow pattern enhances trapping and containment of pollutants
  • High treatment and bypass capacities
  • Compact footprint, ideal for congested sites
  • Lightweight design that is easy to install
  • Available in both inline and grate inlet configurations
  • Quick manufacturing turnaround time