The challenges of Plastic Free July

12 July 2017

 Getting ready for going plastic free in July doesn't come without its challenges!



The lead-up and getting prepared – possible issues and sourcing alternatives.


Cable ties:

We use a lot of cable ties in the warehouse, from packaging EnviroPods for delivery to assembling cartridges.

To change to metal cable ties during July would significantly increase costs!


500x plastic ties                   $ 10.00

10x Metal ties                     $ 10.00


Packaging Tape:

Unable to find non-plastic packaging tape, we switched to a biodegradable tape made from recycled plastics. This had to be imported from Australia again at a cost increase.


Everything is wrapped in plastic!

Trying to find alternatives to the products we currently use, is proving very frustrating!  I have found that even “eco-friendly” come in plastic packaging.


Extra times to source non-plastic

I generally order the next weeks shopping on a Friday morning with delivery Monday morning, this usually takes 10-20 mins. As of the first Monday of July, I have allocated 1.5 hrs to drive around to source replacement plastic-free products.