StormFilter™ & JellyFish® Filter receive Auckland Council Product Acceptance

6 March 2017

Stormwater360 New Zealand has recently received Auckland Council product acceptance for both the StormFilter™ & JellyFish® Filter stormwater treatment devices. This acceptance allows for vesting these devices as a public asset and follows the ‘private use’ approvals already received.

Design Manager Troy Brockbank says “This acceptance marks a significant achievement for Stormwater360 as the StormFilter™ & Jellyfish ® Filter have been through rigorous field and lab testing. They continue to be recognised as the leading proprietary stormwater treatment devices due to their superior performance and best value for money. This ‘public use’ approval is also an important milestone for Engineers and Designers as it gives them more flexibility when designing stormwater treatment systems on public sites, especially where small footprint solutions are required.”

More information on StormFilter™, JellyFish™ and remaining product range can be obtained from our website or please feel free to contact a Stormwater Consultant directly via or 0800 STORMWATER.