LittaTrap™- a global solution to a global problem

29 April 2019

Directors of Stormwater360, Mike Hannah & Greg Yeoman relocated to Toronto last year to launch the LittaTrap into the North American market. They chose Toronto because of the growing concern over plastic in The Great lakes - the water source for tens of millions of people.

The LittaTrap is Stormwater360’s solution to reduce land-based plastic reaching the marine environment. Developed as a true “litter" trap, the product is designed to capture all pollutants over 5mm and is lightweight enough to be maintained by hand. With an estimated 80% of marine pollution originating from land and the stormwater system flagged as a significant pathway, stopping it at the source is a logical solution.

With the company’s success in reducing the amount of plastic reaching the waterways across New Zealand and Australia, offering a low-cost, easily maintained, effective solution to other markets seemed to be the next step.

Setting up as a new Canadian entity - Enviropod Canada, the year in Toronto has offered insight into how a large (8 + million) urban area deals with the impact of plastic on water bodies and also how climatic conditions affect the sources and pathways. With an estimated 10 million kgs of plastic entering the Great Lakes, stopping it is a sizeable challenge. 

Over this past year, Mike & Greg have developed relationships with the local stormwater industry, the University of Toronto, Conservation Authorities, NGO’s, and environmental educators, all working together to reduce pollution in the waterways.

The company has established a re-seller and installer network and has employed an area manager to support them. Enviropod Canada continues to receive interest from cities and states across North America, and from its base in Toronto, it intends to extend its expansion into North America.

Leaving the Canadian operation in safe hands, Mike & Greg are returning to Auckland in September to focus on supporting Enviropod’s international partners as well as continuing the Stormwater360 journey to innovate stormwater management and spearhead the next generation of exciting solutions to ensure that our waterways are protected.


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