Introducing Dr. John Cheah

1 July 2015

New to our Research and Development team is Dr. John Cheah, who brings with him valuable experience and knowledge in the areas of sustainable building design and soil testing.

John graduated the University of Auckland in 2008 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with first class honours, and in October 2014 completed a civil engineering doctorate.

John’s doctorate was on the ‘Development of a Flax-fibre Reinforced, Stabilised Rammed Earth Housing Solution (Uku) for Rural Māori Communities’. As part of his doctorate, John built and implemented the prototype dwelling within the Ahipara community (Northland, NZ) in partnership with local Māori. The Ahipara Uku dwelling was successfully completed in 2012 and has been happily occupied since.
Following on from the success of designing and developing a sustainable building, John’s new role at Stormwater360 is to develop our Rapid Bio-Retention systems with our engineered media. His research involves looking at ways to further enhance metal and nutrient removal, water retention/detention capabilities and assist with healthy plant growth. These media are to be used in the Urban Green Bio-Filter and the soon to be released Filterra.
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