Introducing Danielle Smith – our Stormwater Treatment Asset Maintenance specialist

23 November 2017

We are pleased to advise that we now have a dedicated team member, Danielle Smith, who has been tasked with management of Stormwater360’s various maintenance service options.  Danielle is a busy mother of three school-aged children, two dogs, and three cats.  As such, she has honed her multi-tasking skills to suit this challenging role!

Danielle commenced employment with Stormwater360 in May 2016 in a receptionist role and has shown herself to be fully capable of running the busy maintenance function - always with a cheerful demeanour!

 She has built strong relationships with Councils, Asset Owners, other stake holders and various maintenance contractors to ensure that these systems comply with local regulatory requirements by way of our two options for maintenance services.  These are the Full Service option, whereby all maintenance services are coupled with detailed reporting and recommendations.  The other is the cartridge exchange option whereby refurbished cartridges, filled with the appropriate approved filter media, are swapped with emptied exhausted cartridges from the site.

Why is her role so important?  Maintenance is essential for any stormwater treatment solution to function effectively long term.  The primary purpose of any stormwater treatment device is to remove contaminants and like any effective treatment system, these pollutants must be removed from devices periodically to restore them to their full efficiency and effectiveness.

Stormwater360 has been supplying devices for over 20 years and now has more than 11,500 StormFilter™ cartridges installed throughout New Zealand.  With the growth in the number of these cartridges installed, as well as the other devices we supply, there has been a corresponding exponential growth in maintenance requirements. 

If you have any maintenance enquiries on any of our devices, please call Danielle on 0800 STORMWATER or contact her on

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