Filterra® maintenance at Auckland Botanical Gardens

2 April 2019

In March this year, our maintenance team went out to the Auckland Botanical Gardens to perform routine maintenance of a Filterra BioFiltration device. 

 The Filterra is a packaged innovative high flow bioretention system that comes complete with the following:

Concrete container (sealed for construction)
Engineered media
Engineered mulch layer 
Internal Pipework
Commissioning & plants
1-year maintenance and plant warranty


During maintenance of the Filterra, sediment and litter is firstly removed from the top to expose the mulch underneath. The mulch is then removed and replaced with new mulch, and the plants trimmed if necessary.

Maintenance of a Filterra can take as little as 15 minutes and should be maintained on average every 12 months.

Stormwater360 retrofitted the existing BioFilter at the Botanical Gardens with a Filterra in 2015 when we bought the technology from the US. This Filterra was a demonstration unit to test and monitor performance in NZ conditions before releasing to market.

The Filterra continues to perform as designed; maintaining its hydraulic conductivity and high pollutant removal.

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