Field Trip May 2019

30 May 2019

On the Tuesday prior to the annual Water NZ Stormwater Conference, we hosted a field trip to showcase some of our devices around Auckland.

The first stop was Cartmel Ave in Massey where we went to view an open grate StormFilter vault being maintained. We bought along a brand new StormFilter cartridge to compare with one from the vault and it was great to see the difference between the two, it really shows how much contaminants the cartridges filter out from the stormwater!

We then went to the new town centre development in Kumeu which is our first large scale Filterra treatment of a township in New Zealand. There are twenty Filterra BioRetention systems installed along the kerbs of the new roads here which are not yet open. Hence, it was a great opportunity for attendees to walk around and view the different sized Filterra units and compare these to the traditional raingardens which are also installed here.

The next stop was at Kawakawa Place in Westgate to view the ACH Consultants carpark where our permeable paving system- Grasscrete has been installed. This system has been working effectively here and was installed to allow extension of the carpark area whilst enabling infiltration reducing stormwater runoff.

The last stop was at Selwyn Ave in Epsom to view a large Gross Pollutant Trap- the Vortcapture. This device was installed back in 2009 and has been working effectively to remove capture and retain litter, debris and sediment greater than 5mm in size.

We are aiming to host another field trip in the next couple of months, so watch this space!