Down the Drain

01 February 2018


In 2016, students from Wilford School in Petone were snorkelling at Lowry Bay. They were amazed by all the different forms of life but not very happy about the 253 pieces of rubbish they found!

The students realised that rubbish from Petone town centre was ending up at their local beach. Three students decided enough was enough. It was time to do something about it.

The students found that stormwater was gathering rubbish from Petone town centre and washing it down footpaths and gutters into drains.

The students used two LittaTraps to capture the rubbish that would otherwise be flowing down the drains and out to sea. 

Over a 12 week period, they monitored and counted the rubbish and at the end counted 2,680 pieces of rubbish!


The Ministry of Education article is a summary of how and why the students undertook this study and their results. The resource is open to being used by all teachers and students.


To find out more about the LittaTrap please contact us via admin@stormwater360 or 0800 STORMWATER