Cleaning up the Hauraki Gulf


Stormwater360 is proud to be part of the Sustainable Business Network GulfX initiative to help restore the Hauraki Gulf by reducing plastic and stormwater pollution. We are offering our innovative stormwater drain catchpit insert to SBN members at a discounted rate.

The initial aims of the project :

  • keeping plastic from our harbour waters. This will be achieved by reduction, recycling and redesign. It will also be specifically targeted with the promotion of storm water drain LittaTraps to keep rubbish from entering the sea. 
  • tackling heavy metal pollution, particularly through transport. This will be achieved by accelerating the shift to smarter transport solutions. It will be specifically targeted by exploring how to reduce the copper content of brake pads for commercial vehicle fleets 
  • restoring native bush to the region’s waterways. This will be done by continuing to extend the work of Million Metres Streams projects across the waterways feeding the Gulf

Excited to see how we all come together to protect the future of our waterways!

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