Grasscrete™ from Stormwater360 is a cast-on-site cellular reinforced concrete permeable paving system that is an effective solution to reduce runoff from carparks, access-ways, berms and forecourt areas.

This permeable paving allows stormwater to infiltrate into the ground, where it percolates through the soil and is naturally filtered prior to recharging groundwater.

The amount of water that can be disposed of with permeable paving depends on the subgrade. For example sandy or gravel based soils will allow much more water to soak away than clay soils.

With voids created by plastic formers, this permeable pavement is load-bearing up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight and its structure places no reliance upon grass for stability.  Therefore its capabilities far exceed that of precast blocks, and the large voids enable healthy grass and plant growth.

In addition to its ability to withstand traffic loads, Grasscrete™ also works for projects in the water environment and has been tested to flow rates in excess of 8 metres per second.





  • Load bearing up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight
  • Resists differential settlement
  • Reduces sub-base depths
  • Eliminates kerb edges
  • Not reliant upon grass for stability
  • Optimum drainage capability
  • Grass reinforcement


Ridge Rd, Waiheke Island
Case Study

Ridge Rd, Waiheke Island

The Grasscrete permeable paving system has been recently used for a residential driveway on Waiheke Island .

The driveway...

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